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Product Design Work

Indeed: Instant Pay Web App

A web app to help shift workers access their paychecks earlier, achieve their financial goals, and improve their overall well-being

Instant Pay Cover Image Homepage2

Expedia: Accessible Traveler Landing Page

A quick and iterative design sprint approach to an aspirational landing page for travelers with accessibility needs

iPhone mockup of Expedia's mobile app. Headline:

Vrbo: Vacation Generator Tool

A robust, data-generating tool to help travelers find the perfect stay for their family’s next getaway

Vrbo-vacay-finder-cover 2

The Framebuilders: Web Accessibility Annotations

Reviewing one of my past freelance design projects with an eye for accessibility bugs and proper annotation

The Framebuilders website homepage mocked up in a MacBook Air.

JAX Cooking Studio: E-Commerce Website & Branding

A multi-year project with an end-to-end design experience that delights customers and sells out classes

Logo of JAX Cooking Studio with the words in a black outlined circle. Pink and green graphics overlay a bamboo cutting board.

Graphic Design Work

Nelson-Wakatū: City Guide & Map


Bold Bald: Head Shine Solution Branding


Dr. Sweet Teeth: Candy Packaging

A closeup of the branding of Dr. Sweet Teeth with color illustrations and the logo. The logo features a toothbrush and dental pick overlapping in an "X" shape, below a tooth.

Come Clean Lake Livingston: Posters

A closeup of the bottom of the Love Your Land poster, featuring straight green and brown lines of increasing thickness.

Hear Say Do How To: Alphabet Card Game

Cards with D and H letters displayed capital and lowercase. The bottom half of both cards features cut out, traceable letters.

American Red Cross: Annual Report

Annual report page featuring three men handing out emergency supplies. A pattern of small red crosses overlays half of the spread wherein the mission statement is written.

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